Houses Impacted by Project

I: # Occupants
II: Deconstruct/Move as part of Construction
III: Deconstruct/Move when Project Completed
IV: Utilize for Temporary Visiting Faculty Housing – Long Term Deconstruct or Move

Honor Houses

All of the Honor Houses were designed as single-family houses. When it comes to deconstruction, the days of using a wrecking ball are gone; today we look for ways to do it better. Each of the houses will either be moved or deconstructed; looking for ways that items and material can be used again. We will be partnering with companies that specialize in the deconstruction and reselling of material that will be reclaimed from the houses. When possible, some houses will be sold and moved to a new location.

Address I II III IV
Thompson House 1312 St. Olaf Avenue 8 Yes
St. John’s House 1304 St. Olaf Avenue 10 Yes
Ytterboe House 1300 St. Olaf Avenue 5 Yes
Huggenvik House 1218 St. Olaf Avenue 8 Yes
Felland House 1212 St. Olaf Avenue 10 Yes
Mohn House 1208 St. Olaf Avenue 6 Yes
Schmidt House 1200 St. Olaf Avenue 8 Yes
Lincoln Manor 211 Lincoln Street N 10 Yes
Lincoln Inn 215 Lincoln Street N 9 Yes
Haldorsen House 229 Lincoln Street N 8 Yes
Holstad House 1115 St. Olaf Avenue 9 Yes
Johnson House 1110 St. Olaf Avenue 5 Yes
Larson House 1110 1st Street W 5 Yes
Swanson House 1108 1st Street W 5 Yes
Rose House 1104 1st Street W 5 Yes
Aaker House 1400 Forest Avenue 8 Yes
Forest Inn 1402 Forest Avenue 9 Yes
Finholt House 1127 2nd Street N 5 Yes
Porter House 1117 2nd Street W 5 Yes
138 Occupants
Program/Office Houses
Address I II III IV
President’s House 1215 St. Olaf Avenue Yes
Boe House 1308 St. Olaf Avenue Yes
Holland House 1201 St. Olaf Avenue Yes
STUDENT/Quarantine Housing
Address I II III IV
Bly House 211 Lincoln Street N Yes
Wilkins House** 1111 2nd Street W
Sovik House** 1118 Forest Avenue
O’Neill House** 1114 Forest Avenue

**Houses continue as Student overflow housing as needed or could be sold

Faculty/Staff housing
Meyer House 1111 St. Olaf Avenue
Lund House 202 Lincoln Street S
Odd House 21o Lincoln Street S
Johnston House 1110 Forest Avenue
Walden House 4 Walden Place

**With the exception of Meyer House, these houses continue to be used for faculty/staff housing needs or could be sold. Meyer House will eventually be deconstructed or moved.

St. Olaf Houses Impacted by Ole Avenue Project

**’X’ represents houses being deconstructed/moved as part of construction or when the project is completed. Houses without an ‘X’ will be utilized as temporary visiting faculty housing with a long term plan to deconstruct or move.