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An Evening with Menotti

Amelia Goes to the Ball is a one-act opera buffa composed by Gian Carlo Menotti in 1936. Amelia wants to go to the ball and seemingly nothing will stop her. Even when her husband discovers that she has a lover and demands his name, she only agrees to give it to him if he will then go the ball. After her husband confronts her lover, she demands that they go to the ball. When he refuses, she knocks him out by hitting him over the head. She then calls the police and blames the incident on a robber who is actually her lover. In the end, she finally attends the ball with her escort, the Chief of Police.

Originally written for NBC radio, Gian Carlo Menotti’s one-act opera The Old Maid and the Thief exposes the gossips and secrets of a seemingly quiet town. The middle-aged spinster Miss Todd, who spends most of her days simply knitting and gossiping with fellow spinster Miss Pinkerton, has her world turned upside-down when a beggar knocks at her door one rainy afternoon. She and her maid Laetitia quickly become smitten with the handsome wanderer and are eager to shelter him. Even when they find out that he may be an escaped convict, they turn to stealing and robbery to keep him around. Having corrupted all of her morals, Miss Todd is then devastated to discover that not only does Bob not care for her, but he is in fact not the thief. Bob does, however, turn to thievery when he and Laetitia run away together with all of Miss Todd’s money when she threatens to pin her own crimes on him.

Ruddigore ("The Witch's Curse") by Gilbert and Sullivan