St. Olaf College | Oracle Reference Page

Online Resources and Thank You!

Dear Staff and Faculty,

Thanks to the more than 280 of you who attended our Oracle Jumpstart Workshops last week. When we add to this number those of you who assisted us in User Acceptance Training and those who attended the Academic Leadership and Deans & Directors meetings, well over 350 members of our faculty and staff have already experienced Oracle. We are grateful to our trailblazers.

We appreciate your comments and suggestions. If you attended a workshop(s) but haven’t had a chance to fill out our short questionnaire, please do so here.

Exploring Oracle – not quite yet, please!
Please do NOT log into Oracle between now and December 16, as we are still testing the system. When you log in and complete actions, we receive notifications of what you’ve done, and deleting your work slows us down. 

Resources and Future Workshops
Many of you have asked about additional resources and workshops. We are currently developing a range of resources on our website, including guides (with screenshots) and videos to accommodate different styles of learning.

We are also preparing a calendar of drop-in sessions and workshops that we’ll share with you closer to going live on December 16. Stay tuned.

Leslie Moore on behalf of the Oracle Team

  • T-26 days until go-live: Beginning December 16, Oracle Phase 1 will be live.
  • Entering time: Non-exempt staff employed by the college (like hourly employees and student employees) will continue entering their time into TES until the dates below:
    • Beginning December 16, hourly staff will enter their time using Oracle.
    • Beginning December 23, students will enter their time in Oracle.
  • W-4s and Direct Deposits: Changes to W-4s or Direct Deposits after November 16 will not take effect, and the data will not be carried over into Oracle. Changes to W-4s and Direct Deposits can be entered after January 1. 
  • Freeze on employment: Starting on Friday, November 17, the college will freeze the hiring of staff and students until January 1, 2024. No new jobs will be posted during this time. Please reach out to the Oracle Team and Human Resources if you believe you need to fill a role during this period that is essential to the operation of the college. 
  • Suspension of status changes until January 1: Starting on Friday, November 17, the college will suspend hiring, equity increases, promotions, FTE changes, title changes, and similar changes in employee status until January 1, 2024.