Investing in a St. Olaf Education

St. Olaf College has made a very public commitment to becoming the best in the country among liberal arts colleges at helping students discern their vocation — what they are called to do — and then translating that calling into an actual career that will lead to financial independence, professional achievement, and personal fulfillment.

In achieving those results, St. Olaf intentionally cultivates the habits of mind and heart that enable students to embrace the challenges of a changing world. Change is the one constancy in the world of today’s college graduates. They will likely change jobs and even careers several times during their lifetime, as knowledge and technology continue to expand at an accelerating pace. The breadth of knowledge and experience that a St. Olaf education offers prepares students to be critical thinkers and lifelong learners who are able to adapt and prosper in a complex future.

While higher education and society at large have yet to agree upon what  measures provide the best evidence for the accomplishment of such expectations, there are certain things we do know about the return on investment in a St. Olaf education.

Financial Independence

  • St. Olaf graduates are in high demand among employers within the State of Minnesota and across the nation. Surveys of  recent alumni one year after their graduation demonstrate the broad range of success our graduates experience.
  • Student indebtedness, while not to be dismissed as an important financial challenge facing many new graduates, is manageable for most alumni, as demonstrated by St. Olaf’s low loan default rate.

Professional Accomplishment

  • St. Olaf students are well prepared for post-graduate study, often embarking on career trajectories that position them well for future professional success.
  • Graduates of the college exercise leadership roles in all walks of life.

Personal Fulfillment

  • The full range of the St. Olaf experience prepares students for a life well-lived, complete with lifelong learning, lasting and meaningful relationships, and the rewards of individual accomplishment.