Students – Census Data

This section contains demographic and retention data about enrolled students, information about intercollegiate athletics, and profiles of the incoming classes.

Incoming full-time, first-time cohort and
Full-time, degree-seeking student

Enrollment, various categories

Retention and Graduation Rates

High-Impact Practices

  • High-Impact Practices Dashboards: These dashboards show participation in learning communities, off-campus studies, and research by the time of graduation. The results can be disaggregated by gender, race/ethnicity/citizenship, low-income/first generation, and federal aid category.
  • Internship Database:  Includes over 1400 internships submitted by graduating seniors from the past five years. Each internship was highlighted as one of their top two most significant professional development experiences. (Maintained by Piper Center for Vocation & Career.)

Intercollegiate Athletics

More Data