Academic Division Data Resources

St. Olaf College provides public data and information about the college on its website in various locations including
For St. Olaf College faculty and staff:

In addition, the academic leadership has access to annual reports of program-level and college-wide data through the shared Google Drive Academic Division Reports.

If, after looking through these websites and resources, you still find yourself in need of more data or information, perhaps specific to your own department or program for a self-study or for a research project, please submit the Academic Division Data Request Form. After submitting your form, be sure you receive a confirmation screen that your response has been recorded. Your request will be reviewed by the College Registrar and assigned to Registrar or Institutional Research staff to complete, as appropriate. The assigned staff member will contact you with your data/report or with further clarifying questions, as needed. If you need more than one type of data, please fill out a separate form for each, even if it is for the same project.

Keep in mind that Registrar and Institutional Research staff have access to the Student Information System, the Provost’s Faculty Information System, and academic division faculty/staff in Lawson HR. If you require data or information not covered by these data systems, you may need to contact a different division of the college. If you need to integrate data or information across college divisions including the academic division, please contact College Registrar Ericka Peterson to discuss.