Program Review

The program review process is designed to sustain and strengthen the contributions of departments and programs to student learning, scholarly and artistic work, and the mission of the college as a whole.

Program review uses

Potential contributions of program review to decision-making, collaboration, and program improvement

Multi-year program review schedule

The projected review schedule for departments and programs, with specific dates subject to change

Program review overview

A description of the major components of the program review process and the allocation of expenses between the program and the Office of the Provost and Dean of the College

Program review process and timelines

Detailed information about planning and carrying out the review, including arrangements for the site visit and subsequent follow-up links

Planning the self-study

Suggestions for setting the agenda for a self-study

Self-study table of contents

A outline and detailed explanation of the major elements of a self-study

Relevant data resources

A description of program-level and college-wide data provided annually to department chairs and program directors by IE&A and the Office of the Registrar, for use in self-studies

Relevant college-wide documents

Links to the college mission statement, the Faculty Manual, and other college documents frequently appended to self-studies