Graduates & Alumni

This section contains information about St. Olaf graduates and alumni including graduation rates, class profiles, numbers of completed majors and concentrations, as well as the results of the annual survey of recent graduates.

Retention and Graduation Rates (based on cohorts of full-time first-year students who are seeking a degree for the first time)

Profile of the Graduating Class (numbers of projected graduates, top majors, average GPA etc.):

Majors & Concentrations (number of majors & concentrations awarded, demographic breakdowns, etc.):

  • Majors, Concentrations, and Degrees Awarded Dashboards (interactive): These dashboards show the demographic profile (sex, race/ethnicity/citizenship) for all majors and concentrations awarded over the most recent 10 years. They also show the number of degrees awarded (by IPEDS completion dates, July 1-Jun 30 each year) and overall profile (sex, race/ethnicity/citizenship, single v. multiple majors) of graduates from that same time period.

Summary of graduates’ first destination (during first year after graduation – graduate school, service work, or employment):

Young alumni primary activity and evaluation (alumni 5-6 years post-graduation)

Doctorates earned by alumni (numbers of PhDs earned by alumni)

More Data