STOGoals: Responsible Interpersonal, Civic, and Global Engagement

Students will develop knowledge, skills, and commitments for enhancing the well-being of peers, families, and communities.

 For example, students will be able to:

  • Live and work effectively with many different kinds of people
  • Participate responsibly and knowledgeably in public life
  • Understand, learn from, and respect differences
  • Make decisions that reflect awareness of global interdependence
  • Understand how faith shapes and informs values, relationships, and decisions
  • Recognize and confront injustice and oppression
  • Show respect for all callings
  • Practice local stewardship and responsible use of resources

Students can develop these abilities through experiences such as:

  • Completing General Education courses in Foreign Language, Studies in Human Behavior, and Multicultural Studies, or OLE Core courses in World Languages and Cultures; Social Sciences; Religion, Faith, and Values; Power and Race; and Ethical Reasoning in Context
  • Studying abroad/away
  • Serving as a Senator or committee member in the Student Government Association
  • Engaging artistic works by diverse composers, authors, playwrights, dancers, and visual artists
  • Participating in programs offered by the Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion and the Lutheran Center for Faith, Values, and Community
  • Serving other students as a peer educator, TA, or advisor
  • Using knowledge from a major field of study in a community-based project
  • Mentoring elementary, middle school, or high school students through Upward Bound, Educational Talent Search, or several student organizations
  • Working for Bon Appetit or working on the grounds crew

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of seniors participated in co-curricular activities (2021 NSSE Survey data)


of students on average will study abroad/away in 1+ program.


of students on average will study abroad/away in 2+ programs.


of students on average will study abroad.