Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee facilitates and disseminates the mission-driven, meaningful, and manageable assessment of student learning outcomes, both formative and summative, at St. Olaf. Its primary function is advisory.  Its responsibilities include:

  • Supporting faculty efforts to gather evidence about student learning;
  • Providing leadership in the development of innovative and effective tools for evaluating student learning;
  • Advising faculty, departments, programs, and the college on assessment procedures and methods;
  • Advising the Curriculum Committee and Student Life Committee on curricular and co-curricular matters based on evidence of student learning;
  • Communicating faculty interests and concerns regarding assessment to the office of Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment;
  • Reviewing the results of college-wide assessment instruments and activities and communicating them to the faculty;
  • Reviewing, commenting upon, and disseminating to the faculty the reports prepared by the office of Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment for presentation to the Board of Regents.