Artifact Submission

If you have been asked to submit student artifacts for an OLE Core ILO being assessed this year, you can find the folders for submission below. Only those submitting for a given attribute in a given year will have access to these folders. Please upload your artifacts to the folder labeled with your last name within the appropriate OLE Core attribute folder, along with your assignment prompt and rationale for how your assignment meets your assigned ILO. If you are having trouble uploading artifacts or have any questions about the submission process, contact Kelsey Thompson, Assistant Director of Assessment (

2022-23 OLE Core Artifact Folders

Ethical Reasoning in Context

Religion, Faith, and Values

The Active Body

Tips for submitting artifacts:

  • Be sure you are signed in under your St. Olaf account. Sometimes, if you have a personal gmail account, the folder link will try to open under that account instead and you will see an access error. If you are still encountering access issues, contact Kelsey Thompson (
  • Ensure you are submitting readable file types (word doc, google doc, pdf, etc). If you are uploading direct links to files in Moodle, we may not be able to open them. Similarly, if you are uploading google docs from your students, make sure sharing permissions are updated so that the Assessment Committee can open them.
  • If you are submitting an exam/quiz as your artifact, indicate the question number(s) the summer scoring team should use for assessing the artifact’s assigned ILO. Similarly, if it is a short-answer assignment with multiple question prompts, indicate whether all or just a subset should be scored.
  • If possible, submit artifacts/unmarked exam copies prior to grading. It is distracting for the scoring team to see instructor grades/comments.
  • Students in your course will not have access to the artifact submission folder by default. If you would like your students to be able to submit directly to your google drive folder, send your class roster to Kelsey ( so she can give them access. Please only share the folder labeled with your last name with your students, not the OLE Core attribute folder containing artifacts from all courses.
  • In most cases, staff in IE&A will de-identify your artifacts by removing student names, course numbers, and instructor names before providing them to the summer scoring team. However, if you have concerns about the feasibility of anonymizing your artifacts (e.g., if your assignment involves video submissions), please reach out to the Assessment Committee to determine the best way to submit these artifacts.