Contacts for Specific Service


Responsibilities Contact
Academic Catalog Kathy Granquist
Academic Petitions Candace Godfrey
Academic Policies Ericka Peterson
Carleton Inter-Registration Candace Godfrey
Class & Lab Schedule Stephanie Johnson
Classroom Assignment Stephanie Johnson
Continuing Education/Special Admits Stephanie Johnson
Course Audits Candace Godfrey
Curriculum Kathy Granquist
Data Management Nan Schroeder
Degree Completion/Graduation Renae Althoff
Diploma Mailing & Reorders Candace Godfrey
Enrollment Verification Candace Godfrey
FERPA Ericka Peterson
High School Honors Stephanie Johnson
Incomplete Grades Candace Godfrey
Independent Study/Independent Research Candace Godfrey
Interim Exchange Stephanie Johnson
International & Off-Campus Credit Renae Althoff
Internships Candace Godfrey
New Course, New Program and General Education Proposals Kathy Granquist
Pre-Registration Nan Schroeder
Readmission Stephanie Johnson
Repeat a Course Candace Godfrey
Reports/Statistics/Data Requests Nan Schroeder
SIS authorizations and questions Nan Schroeder
Summer School Stephanie Johnson
Transfer Credit (AP/IB/Transfer) Renae Althoff
Transfer Students Renae Althoff
Transcript Requests Candace Godfrey
Veteran’s Administration Candace Godfrey