Contacts for Specific Service


Responsibilities Contact Backup
Academic Catalog Ericka Peterson Kathy Granquist
Academic Petitions Norma Ortiz Nan Schroeder
Academic Standards & Policies Ericka Peterson
AP Exams/Credit Kathy Granquist Stephanie Johnson
Carleton Inter-Registration Norma Ortiz Stephanie Johnson
Class & Lab Stephanie Johnson Kathy Granquist
Classroom Assignment Stephanie Johnson Kathy Granquist
Continuing Education/Special Admits Stephanie Johnson
Course and GE proposals Kathy Granquist Ericka Peterson
Course Audits Norma Ortiz
Curriculum Kathy Granquist Ericka Peterson
Data Management Nan Schroeder Kathy Granquist
Diploma Mailing & Reorders Norma Ortiz Stephanie Johnson
FERPA Ericka Peterson
High School Honors Stephanie Johnson
IB Exams/Credit Kathy Granquist Stephanie Johnson
Incompletes Norma Ortiz Stephanie Johnson
Independent Study/Independent Research Norma Ortiz
Interim Exchange
International & Off-Campus Credit Kathy Granquist
Internships Norma Ortiz
Language Report Forms Stephanie Johnson
Notary Public Norma Ortiz
Pre-Registration Nan Schroeder
PSEO – Post Secondary Education Option Kathy Granquist
Readmission Nan Schroeder
Nan Schroeder
Repeats Nan Schroeder
Reports/Statistics Nan Schroeder – Please click on DATA button on Registrar’s page and fill out data request form
SIS authorizations and questions Nan Schroeder Stephanie Johnson
Student Work — Office Kathy Granquist and Norma Ortiz
Student Work — First Year Registration Norma Ortiz Kathy Granquist
Summer School Ericka Peterson
Transcript Requests Norma Ortiz Stephanie Johnson
Transfer Credit Kathy Granquist
Transfer Students Kathy Granquist
Veteran’s Administration Nan Schroeder
Verifications Norma Ortiz Stephanie Johnson