Current Students

In Person:

  • Current students on campus can request transcripts at the Registrar’s Office window, Tomson Hall 149, by completing the Paper Official Transcript Request Form (current student) located outside the Registrar’s Office window. The form is only available at the Registrar’s Office window. We accept cash, check, Ole dollars, or money order.


  • Current students may login to the SIS to access the link to the Clearinghouse website to place an order.  Under Student click on Personal. Go to the right side pull-down menu, select Clearinghouse Services and click the green Go button.  Scroll down and click on Order or Track a Transcript.

*If you have any questions regarding the process through NSC you will need to contact NSC at (703) 742-4200. If you have any other questions please email or call (507) 786-3015.*

Senior students: Transcripts are not processed during the week leading up to graduation.