How to Submit Evidence to Support an OLE Core Attribute on an Existing Course

CourseLeaf is in the process of being updated to reflect our new OLE Core curriculum attributes.  You will not see the OLE Core attribute prompts until the end of September, but you can access active and dormant courses and do preliminary work toward completing your proposal now.

  • Log into CourseLeaf Course Inventory Management (CIM) here.
  • In the Search field, enter the subject code and course number of the course to which you wish to add an OLE Core attribute (e.g., BIO 150, MUSIC 131); click the green Search button.
  • Click the green Edit Course button.
  • Enter your identifying information: name, email, and phone.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the form and click the Save Changes button.  IMPORTANT: Be sure to click the Save Changes button frequently as you work on your proposal.  This will help to ensure that you do not lose information you are entering.
  • Many fields will be pre-populated.  Please provide responses for any prompts that have not been pre-populated.
  • Be sure to provide information for all prompts, including:
    • First term and year course will be offered (with the new OLE Core curriculum attribute)
    • Rationale for modification: just enter text indicating you are updating an existing GE to a new OLE Core attribute
    • Offering (year/term)
    • Anticipated enrollment
  • Be sure to upload an extended course description or syllabus.
  • If the course fulfills one or more of the current general education requirements, enter NA in each prompt field requiring text.  For prompts that require ticking a checkbox or entering a percentage, you must enter a response.
  • You can access prompts for individual OLE Core attributes here to begin working on your responses.  We suggest entering your responses in a Word document, and then cutting and pasting them into the appropriate response fields when CourseLeaf has updated the form.
  • When you are ready to submit your proposal for consideration by the Curriculum Committee, click on the Save Changes button, and then click on the green Start Workflow button.  The proposal then goes to your department chair or program director for approval.