Name Changes

Procedure for Current Students to Change Legal First Name to Non-Legal First Name:

St. Olaf College recognizes that some people use a name other than their legal first name to identify themselves.  As long as the use of this changed name is not for the purpose of misrepresentation, the College allows students to use a first name different from the legal name on certain college records.

Please email the Registrar’s Office,, to request to have a changed first name instead of a legal first name reflected within specific college records.

Please note that changing your first name for certain records does not change your legal name with St. Olaf College altogether.  Below is a list of the areas in which your first name will and will NOT appear (once changed):

CHANGED First Name Will Appear:

Alumni Office records Athletic Team rosters Co-Curricular rosters and programs
St Olaf Gmail St Olaf Online directory Class rosters
Commencement program Dean’s List Diploma
Faculty Advisee lists Food Service Honors Day program
Library Records Major/Concentration/Emphasis lists Moodle
Resident Life staff rosters Student ID card Post Office
Print Center

LEGAL First Name will Remain:

Tax documents Financial Aid and Billing Official (and Unofficial) Transcripts
Paychecks Registrar’s Office Records Study abroad (travel documents, etc)
Transfer Credit Evaluations

Legal Name Change Procedure:

Current students must set-up an appointment with the St Olaf Registrar’s Office to request to have a LEGAL name change reflected within all college records.

To legally change your name, bring one of the following required documents:

  • Social Security card
  • Driver’s License
  • Court Order
  • Passport or Visa

Once your legal name has changed, we can issue a new transcript and replace a diploma at no charge, when requested.

Note:  Although we may be able to change your legal name in SIS as soon as we have one of the above documents, if the Social Security Administration has not updated their system, we may have to temporarily use your previous name in Financial Aid and Payroll.