Instructions for Submitting a Proposal to Repeat an Off-Campus Interim

The proposal portal can be found here:

Please follow these steps in completing your proposal to repeat an existing off-campus Interim:

  • If the program asks you to log in, please do so with your St. Olaf user name and password. After logging in, enter the appropriate department/program code in the box next to the green “Search” button (for example: ART, ECON, or MATH).
  • Select the course you wish to offer from the list that is returned from your search, then click the “Edit Course” button on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Enter your name, email, and phone extension at the top of the form; select the first year and term the course will be offered (Interim 2018-19).
  • For “Course Location,” the field should already be pre-populated with “Domestic” or “International.” You will need to enter or update responses to the prompts that follow.
  • Please upload the following documents where indicated:
    • Your rationale for conducting this course off-campus.
    • A copy of your anticipated itinerary.
    • A copy of the preliminary budget you have developed in consultation with IOS.
    • A copy of the syllabus from the last time the course was offered.
    • A “Letter of Intent” that provides this information:
      • Title of course and course number
      • Pre-requisites required for applicants
      • Any major or concentration the course counts toward or GE attributes offered in the course. (Please indicate those that have been previously approved and those for which you are making a new application.)
      • Any changes you plan to make in the itinerary, activities, or course assignments. (If the changes amount to a significantly different course, the Curriculum Committee may request that you provide more detailed information)
    • If the course has already been approved to carry one or more GE attributes, enter “NA” in response to any of the prompts pertaining to that/those GE(s).
    • When you have completed your proposal, begin the workflow process by clicking on the “Start Workflow” button at the bottom of the screen.
    • Workflow typically follows this path:
      • Department chair/program director
      • Director of International and Off-Campus Studies
      • If approval is requested for the addition of EIN, ORC, or WRI, the proposal will then go to the director who oversees that specific GE
      • The Associate Dean for the department/program
      • The Continuing Programs Subcommittee
      • The Curriculum Committee.