Override Instructions for Faculty

An Override is an electronic process that you, the instructor, can perform to permit a student to add your course in the following situations:

  • The student has not met the hard-coded prerequisites.
  • The course is closed.

The Dept Chair/Program Director has determined prerequisites for each course in your dept/program. Prerequisites can include a preceding course, a GE, or a restriction that a course is for majors or specific student classification(s) only. Our recommendation is to not begin maintaining waitlists until after the first full week of registration. Please note the following:

  • The ability to request an Override for prereqs will begin during Quiet Week for Advising.
  • Our recommendation is to not entertain Overrides due to capacity until after registration begins and the course is full.
  • Remember that if your course reopens due to a student dropping, any other student may take that final seat.
  • If you approve a prereq Override but the course is full by the time the student registers, you can elect to submit another Override for capacity or decide to add that student to your instructor-maintained waitlist.


  1. To initiate an Override to allow a student to register for your course, log into SIS and click on Forms and Links. Click on Request for Course Override. Fill in the form and click Request Override.
  2. Below is a sample of the email the student will receive. This will not automatically register the student. Once the student enters the registration system, it is the student’s responsibility to register for the course themselves.


  1. If a student has requested an Override for your course, you will receive an email notifying you there is a pending request. Below is what you will see when you log into SIS.
  2. When you click on the pending request, you will be prompted to approve or deny. A reason is required for denials. The student will be notified by email either way and will see your written comment. If approved, the student will still need to register for the course in the registration system themselves once registration begins.
  3. You can edit your previously approved Overrides by clicking Edit Course Overrides in Forms and Links.