Summer Session 2017

Note that you do not need to be a St. Olaf student to benefit from our summer course offerings.
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Why study in summer?

Registration begins February 27, 2017:

Term 1: June 5–July 13:

  • June 5: First day of class
  • June 8: Last day to add a class
  • June 19: Last day to drop a class or make S/U change
  • July 13: Last day of classes/final exams
  • July 20: Grades due
  • No classes July 4 (holiday)

Term 2: July 17–August 23:

  • July 17: First day of class
  • July 20: Last day to add a class
  • July 31: Last day to drop a class or make S/U change
  • August 23: Last day of classes/final exams
  • August 23: Summer IS/IR/Internship projects due
  • August 30: Grades due
  • August 30: Summer IS/IR/Internship grades due

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Cancellation Policy

The decision to cancel a course is made at the end of the first day of class for Term 1 and Term 2. If the course has not met the minimum enrollment designated by the instructor on that day, then the course may be cancelled after consultation between the instructor and the summer sessions coordinator.

If a course is cancelled, the student may register for another course by completing a drop/add slip and obtaining the signature of the instructor of the newly-added course. If the student determines no other course meets his/her course needs then the $50 deposit will be refunded if registered at 1.00 credit. This is the only circumstance where the deposit is refundable.

Summer 2017 Cancelled Courses:

Summer Session I:

Summer Session II:
PHYS 125

Contact Paula Stowe by email or at (507) 786-3006 with any questions.