Cancelled Courses and Policy

Cancellation Policy

The decision to cancel a course is made at the end of the first day of class for Term 1 and Term 2. If the course has not met the minimum enrollment designated by the instructor on that day, then the course may be cancelled after consultation between the instructor and the summer sessions coordinator.

If a course is cancelled, the student may register for another course by completing a drop/add slip and obtaining the signature of the instructor of the newly-added course. If the student determines no other course meets his/her course needs then the $50 deposit will be refunded if registered at 1.00 credit. This is the only circumstance where the deposit is refundable.

Summer 2018 Cancelled Courses:

Summer Session I: Sociology/Anthropology 128 A and B, Spanish 232 – Intermediate Spanish II, PSCI 211 – Media and Politics

Summer Session II: Philosophy 257 – Environmental Ethics

Contact Stephanie Johnson by email or at (507) 786-3016 with any questions.