Class of 1997


Welcome Back. Welcome Home.

Celebrate your 25th reunion on the Hill!

Dear Class of 1997:

There is no way to describe the tingle you feel in your gut when the Hill pops into view as you drive east on Highway 3, retracing the path you took to class or the cafeteria, remembering fun activities like movies in the science center, and discovering the creative ways the college has built upon an already beautiful campus.

I promise you that at our 25th reunion, you’ll see friends, floormates, and student work co-workers that you forgot you missed. You’ll also make special new connections derived from our common experience of living together for four years.

Reunions allow you to revisit all of the good stuff that made up our college years. Our 25th is the best time to reconnect and celebrate the Class of 1997’s many accomplishments, both on and off the Hill. 

We hope to see you this summer. We have missed you.

Milyon and Eirik

Class of 1997, Reunion Co-chairs

Hear from your classmates, Jason and Jane, and get excited about returning to campus for your 25th!

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We are excited to be able to host Reunion Weekend on campus again! Now is the time to return to the Hill to reconnect, reminisce, and explore what is new on campus.