What can you do with a SOAN major?  Well, past majors have gone on to do a wide range of things.  We have SOAN graduates who have gone on to do corporate jobs (if you are interested in that, a concentration in Management Studies makes for a good combination).  We have graduates who have done professional graduate programs, including medical school, law school, and dentistry.  SOAN graduates have also pursued graduate degrees in public health, public policy, and many other fields.  It is also common for SOAN graduates to work in social service professions (often internationally).  Studying SOAN opens you up to the world!

Thoughts on Career Exploration for SOAN
Nate Jacobi, of the Piper Center for Vocation & Career, has put together a document for SOAN majors to begin thinking about post-graduation routes. 

Further Schooling
Grad school is always an option! Some available sociology graduate programs are ranked by school here. If you’re uncertain about what grad school steps you should be taking, or even if you want to take that route, we have some FAQs for the curious.

The SOAN department highly encourages majors to do an internship. This can take many different forms, including a formal one that gets academic credit, or a more informal one that doesn’t. Job-shadowing is another effective way to explore post-graduate possibilities. The best way to explore such options is a visit to the Piper Center for Career and Vocation, which is located in Tomson Hall.