Interim Courses 2023

Major-Level and Abroad Spanish Courses Interim 2023

Abroad Course

Off-campus courses, both international and in the United States, are offered during the January Interim. They vary from year to year. Details are available in the Off-Campus Interims brochure published each spring and in the Interims Announcement printed in mid-fall.

Spanish 240 in Puerto Rico: . “Puerto Rican Politics and the Environment”
GE: FOL-S & MCD (OLE Core: WLC & OPE (application in progress))
Prof. Kristina Medina-Vilariño
    • Find the IOS program brochure and costs here.

    • counts for Environmental Studies

    • prerequisite: completion of Spanish 232 by end of Fall 2020 or placement into Spanish 250/251

    • does not replace Spanish 250/251 in the Spanish Major

    • not open to students who have taken a 270-level course in Spanish

Major-Level Spanish Course

Course is taught in Spanish.

Spanish 274: Contemporary Issues in the Spanish Speaking World.
Prof. Amy Hill-Cosimini, MTWThF 11:00-12:00 and 1:00-3:00

 This course introduces students to critical perspectives on memory, identity, and human rights and their intersections in contemporary Latin American society. Students explore central questions of how we remember in different mediums: How and by whom is memory produced and promoted? Are there winners and losers in the memory market? And if so, what additional factors contribute to the profound permanence of one memory and the failure of another? Students focus on oral Spanish production by discussing, debating, and presenting on a variety of texts, including testimonial literature, films, television programs, memory sites, and multi-media art installations, in order to address these issues, and deepen their knowledge of the uses and abuses of memory within Latin America.