Interim Courses 2022

Off-campus courses, both international and in the United States, are offered during the January Interim. They vary from year to year. Details are available in the Off-Campus Interims brochure published each spring and in the Interims Announcement printed in mid-fall.

 The following IOS programs will be offered in January 2022:


Spanish 240 in Puerto Rico: . “Puerto Rican Politics and the Environment”

Prof. Kristina Medina-Vilariño

    • Find the IOS program brochure and costs here.

    • counts for Environmental Studies

    • prerequisite: completion of Spanish 232 by end of Fall 2020 or placement into Spanish 250/251

    • does not replace Spanish 250/251 in the Spanish Major

    • not open to students who have taken a 270-level course in Spanish

    • GE: FOL-S and MCD (OLE CORE: World Languages & Cultures and OLE Experience in Practice (OEP) (application in progress)

Spanish 270 in Spain:  “Culinary Traditions, Migration, and Identity in Spain”

Prof. Jonathan O’Conner

    1. Find the IOS program brochure and costs here.

    2. counts for Spanish (focus on Spain) and Latin American Studies Majors

    3. prerequisite: completion of Spanish 250 or 251 by end of Fall 2021

    4. GE: ORC (OLE CORE: fulfills OLE Experience in Practice (OEP))

Applications open Monday, March 22, and are due by Wednesday, April 14. Here you will find links for financial aid and scholarships.