Statistics & Data Science Research

There are multiple research opportunities for Statistics and Data Science Concentrators


CIR brings together undergraduate statistics students supervised by statistics faculty with faculty and students from other disciplines to share in the excitement and challenges of working across the traditional academic boundaries to collaborate on research.

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Students focus on writing scientific papers, preparing posters, and giving presentations in the context of a specific, yearlong, interdisciplinary research project. In addition, this weekly seminar series builds collaborative research skills such as working in teams, performing reviews of math, statistics, and computer science literature, consulting effectively, and communicating proficiently. Exposure to post-graduate opportunities in math, statistics, and computer science disciplines is also provided. Open to students accepted into the Center for Interdisciplinary Research.


This course provides a comprehensive research opportunity, including an introduction to relevant background material, technical instruction, identification of a meaningful project, and data collection. The topic is determined by the faculty member in charge of the course and may relate to his/her research interests. Prerequisite: Determined by individual instructor. Offered based on department decision. Offered as a 1.00 credit course or .50 credit course.