St. Olaf Band Tour Promotion

~ Local Volunteer Opportunities ~

The St. Olaf Band has long relied on volunteers in the local communities to play a role in the promotion of the concerts on tour. If you are interested in being a part of the planning team please contact David Anderson.

Below are some ways that you can help!

Poster and Flier Distribution

  • Distribute posters and fliers in your area provided by St. Olaf.

Examples: businesses near the concert venue, heavily traffic areas, music stores, college music buildings/student centers, music schools, coffee shops, community centers, office break rooms

  • Act as Poster/Flyer Coordinator
  • Receive bulk package, which other volunteers will pick up.
  • Coordinate efforts of various people distributing posters/fliers to ensure key areas are covered, and avoid duplication.

Special Groups

  • Identify special groups for targeted promotion

Examples:  Musical groups (e.g. youth and adult community ensembles, music academies, music clubs) and non-musical groups (e.g. Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis)

Call or visit special groups and suggest they:

  • Announce the concert at meeting/rehearsal
  • Posters/fliers at meeting/rehearsal
  • Sell tickets at meeting/rehearsal
  • Get member mailing list or email list
  • Hand-deliver posters/fliers to special groups
  • Follow-up with special groups after posters/fliers delivered

Note: St. Olaf will have mailed a promo kit to churches and schools.  The promo kit contains a poster and small number of fliers.  If groups, schools or churches need more, you can either supply them from the Poster/Flier Coordinator, or ask how many the church needs, tell St. Olaf, and we’ll send them directly to the church.

Call or visit a church you’re personally connected with and suggest they:

  • List the concert in their Sunday bulletin
  • List the concert in their newsletter
  • Announce the concert during Sunday service
  • Insert fliers in the Sunday bulletins
  • Set out stack of fliers in the church
  • Put up posters in the church
  • Encourage young people in the congregation to attend
  • Invite young people sell tickets


  • Email school directors encouraging them to bring their students and share the eFlyer.

Download an e-flier and press release from Press & Media.

  • Write a personal cover letter to accompany St. Olaf’s mailing to schools
  • Hand-deliver posters/fliers to key school directors
  • Follow up with school directors

Mailing Lists

  • Identify mailing lists (e.g. professional symphonies, concert series)
  • Get mailing lists (if you have a personal connection that would yield a better result than a “cold call” from a St. Olaf representative)

Social Networking

  • Post concert information on personal accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
  • “Like” the St. Olaf ensemble Facebook page
  • Forward concert e-flyer to people in your personal and professional network.
  • St. Olaf Social Media Guidelines

Download an e-flier and press release from Press & Media


  • Network with St. Olaf alumni


Major Media
  • Help St. Olaf representatives identify major media outlets (print, radio, TV)

Note:  St. Olaf deals directly with major media outlets, sends press kits to music critics and station program directors, pursues editorials, interviews, previews and reviews, secures calendar listings, responds to press inquiries and places paid advertising

  • Share personal major media connections with St. Olaf
  • Collect major media coverage after the concert (reviews)
Non-Major Media
  • Help St. Olaf representatives identify non-major media (local papers, etc.)
  • Contact non-major media (if you have a personal connection that would yield a better result than a “cold call” from a St. Olaf representative)