Health Insurance

Title: Health Insurance
Procedure No: STO-35
Effective Date: 09-01-2009
Issuing Authority: Student Accounts Office
Contact: Student Accounts at, 507-786-3296 or 866-640-4702
Last Updated:  04-01-2021

Purpose of Procedures:

To ensure all enrolled students are covered by health insurance, in order to promote a safe and healthy campus environment.

Who needs to know these Procedures:

All St. Olaf College students.


St. Olaf requires that all students enrolled at the College have adequate health insurance coverage.  This requirement is in place for the protection of our students.  If you are not covered under a comparable health insurance policy, you will be required to participate in the appropriate student insurance plan which is offered through EIIA with St. Olaf College’s cooperation.

St. Olaf has one plan for our domestic students and one plan for our international students.  You can click the links for more information on the two plans and the instructions to enroll and waive if you are eligible for a waiver.

Students will receive emails regarding health insurance from the Student Accounts Office starting in May of the previous academic year (June for first year students). Students are instructed that they need to waive or enroll in the St. Olaf Health Insurance prior to the 10th day of class. Emails are sent throughout the summer. If the waiver has not been received before the fall semester bills are sent, the charge is automatically added to their student account. This charge will be removed once the waiver is completed, but only if done prior to the 10th day.

If a student does not need St. Olaf Health Insurance, but fails to complete the waiver form prior to the 10th day of class, the annual, non-refundable premium will be added to the student’s account and that student will be automatically enrolled in the insurance program. This charge can not be removed or refunded after this date because the premium has been paid to the insurance company. St. Olaf can not assume that the student is covered by an outside health insurance policy when they do not complete an online form.

If a student enrolls or fails to waive the plan the charge for premium must be paid through the student account.  If a student enrolls later due to a qualifying life event, the student will pay their premium directly to the insurance company.  The student can then create an account and print a copy of their insurance card.

Annual policies run from August 15th to August 14th.

Students must complete either the waiver form or the enrollment form online each academic year. We can not take it over the phone or take a copy of their current health insurance card.