St. Olaf non degree and special degree seeking student procedures

Title:  St. Olaf non degree seeking student and special degree seeking student procedures
Procedure No:  STO-80
Effective Date:  03-26-2021
Issuing Authority:  Student Accounts Office and Registrar’s Office
Contact:  Student Accounts at, 507-786-3296 or 866-640-4702 Registrar’s Office at, 507-786-3014 or 507 786-3015
Last Updated:  03-25-2021

Purpose of Procedure:

St. Olaf College believes that continuing education for adults in liberal arts studies is an important mission of St. Olaf and that adult participation enriches the classroom experience for degree-seeking undergraduate students.  Since 1977, St. Olaf has encouraged adults to register and receive credit for regular day courses in accordance with the following policies.  This document outlines the procedures for non degree seeking students to register, and the conditions required to take courses at reduced tuition.   

Student degree-tracks:

  • Degree seeking students:  Students seeking a degree from St. Olaf College.  Degree seeking students registered full time or part time are not permitted to take courses at the reduced rate.  The one exception to this is Bachelor of Music Education students who have completed all degree requirements except student teaching and are completing their student teaching in order to complete their degree.  Tuition is reduced for these students.
  • Non degree seeking students: Students who are not seeking a degree from St. Olaf College.   Tuition rates vary based on student type (see below).


RegistrationNon degree seeking students must work with the Registrar’s Office to register on a space-available basis and after all degree seeking students have registered, with instructor signature/approval for each term.   Registrar’s Office “Non-Degree Seeking Student Registration Form”.  

Registrar’s Office also notifies students of the following:

  • St. Olaf email:  Contacts IT (Information Technology) and requests a St. Olaf email account for students and notifies the student how to activate the account. Students are told to use their St. Olaf email as the official communication when corresponding with faculty and staff.
  • Parking permit:  Informs students that a parking permit is required if parking on campus during the semester.  Notifies students there is a fee and gives students the online application available through the Parking Office website.  
  • St. Olaf ID:  Students are informed of the process in which to receive a St. Olaf ID card

Student Types:

The Registrar’s Office assigns a student type code that is used for reporting and billing purposes.  The code is listed in (SIS Enrollment History File RSENHS, field RS6STUTP).

Special degree seeking student type:

  • Music Education student teaching (ST).  Reduced tuition.

Non degree seeking student types:

  • Art Apprentice (AA) – students apply to and are accepted to be Art apprentices the fall, interim, and spring of the year after degree completion.  Students are registered for 1.00 credit Art Apprentice independent study each term.  Tuition waiver.
  • Carleton Student (CA) – Carleton students may take a course or full-time student teaching for one term at St. Olaf through the inter-registration program.  Tuition waiver.
  • Continuing Education (CE) – Any student who is taking a course and does not fall into any of the other student types. Reduced tuition.
  • Fulbright (FB) – students register for course audits only.  Tuition waiver.
  • Faculty/Staff (FS) – Tuition waiver if using the faculty/staff benefit.  Process begins in H.R.
  • High School Honors (HS) – tuition waiver, but must apply and be accepted.
  • International Exchange (IE) International students that attend as non degree seeking students for a semester or a year.  Normally IE students are added to the student information system from the admissions system (SLATE) full pay but usually have an exchange credit applied based on the agreement. Full tuition.
  • Non St. Olaf students attending a St. Olaf Off-campus Studies program (NI) – Full tuition.
  • Non degree Specials (NS) – students who are degree seeking elsewhere (other than Carleton College).  Full tuition.
  • Luther College (LC) – students from Luther College taking Norwegian classes at St. Olaf.  Institutional-level arrangement for payment directly from Luther
  • Nursing (NR) – St. Olaf graduates that are returning to earn a second major in nursing. Reduced tuition.
  • Student Teacher (ST) student teaching, after completing a BA degree. Reduced tuition.
  • Upward Bound (UP) – Tuition waiver.
  • Interim Exchange (IX) – A student from another institution may attend St. Olaf through Interim Exchange. Tuition varies, depending on the institutional exchange agreement.


    • Non-Degree Seeking Students (that are degree-seeking elsewhere, other than Carleton College) are NOT eligible for reduced tuition and pay regular (full) tuition and may enroll full or part-time.  Tuition must be paid in full on the first day of classes. Tuition for auditing courses is approximately 20 percent of the normal one-course tuition; this tuition applies to full- or partial-credit courses.
  • Continuing Education, Student Teacher, and Nursing
    • Tuition must be paid in full on the first day of class
    • Tuition will be charged at a rate of 50% of the regular course fee for a maximum of four (4) courses/credits for the year.  Credits over the first four (4) for the year are billed at 100% of the regular tuition per-course fee.    
    • Continuing Education students may take reduced-tuition courses for an unlimited time period.  
    • Continuing Education tuition for auditing courses is approximately  20 percent of the normal one-course tuition; this tuition applies to full- or partial-credit courses.
    • Reduced tuition does not apply to the following registrations; students pay regular (full) tuition:
  1. Summer school
  2. Off-campus programs/courses 
  3. Music lesson fee
  4. Independent study, independent research and internships
  5. Interim – if they are already completing 2 courses each semester

Billing Statements and Finance Charges

All statements are issued electronically.  Students will receive an email to their St. Olaf account when a new bill is generated. Statements can be viewed online through the Student Information System (SIS). Students can also authorize others to view their bills, grades, and schedule. Statements will be issued each month throughout the semester but an email will only be sent if there is a balance.

A monthly finance charge of 0.5% will be assessed on unpaid balances carried beyond the established due dates.

Other Considerations for non degree seeking students:

  •  Students are eligible for the services of the Registrar’s Office, Rolvaag Library, Tostrud Athletic Center, and Bon Appetit; however, other special services from the College are not available (such as counseling, health service, career placement).