Frequently Asked Questions


I have not yet approved the student’s time card, and now they have contacted me stating they forgot to record a shift. What can I do?
Reject the time card and the student will be able to modify it.

I just approved a time card for a student, and now they have contacted me stating they forgot to record a shift. What can I do?
Contact TES and the time card can be reopened.  The student will need to modify the card, submit it to you, and you will need to approve it once again.


I didn’t enter my hours in TES during the month and now the time sheet has disappeared. What do I do?
Email TES and your time sheet will be reactivated so you may enter your hours.  Wages earned during that month will be paid on the next month’s payroll. Please remember you should enter your hours after each shift worked to avoid this problem.

How much of my work award do I have left to earn?
You can view your pay statements online through the Student Information System (SIS).  Once in SIS, choose “Financials” and then “Pay Stubs”. The pay statement will list the amount you have remaining.

I just submitted my hours, but forgot to record a shift.
Let your supervisor know right away, and he or she can reject your timecard so you may modify it.

Where can I work if I don’t have a work award?
The student employment program is for recipients that qualify for need-based aid. Unfortunately, students that do not qualify for need-based aid are not able to participate in the program. The only exception to this would be in the instance of specific course work. For example, if a student is qualified to tutor a course, but does not qualify for need-based aid, that student would be allowed to use their skill for that course as long as a candidate with need-based aid cannot be found.

Students may work as an employee of Bon Appetit in catering during banquets and events.  For more information about the catering opportunities email

Students may work an an employee of Barnes and Noble at the bookstore.  For more information about these opportunities, contact Chalee at

My current position does not offer me enough hours to earn my full work award.  What can I do?
Students may need to work more than one position to earn their full work award.  Be sure to let your current supervisor know that you are looking for more hours.  If he or she does not have any additional hours available, here are further suggestions:

  • If you would like to work for a particular department, go there and ask to speak with the individual who supervises student employees.  Making this personal contact is often the best way to secure employment.
  • View the list of student jobs that are currently open.
  • Contact the Student and Staff Employment Specialist via email or by visiting the Office of Human Resources, Tomson 180. Your name will then be added to a list of students who are seeking employment. You will be notified of opportunities as they arise.