Any party may appeal decisions of their case. Procedures for appeals are below

General appeal process for Student Conduct (does not include Sexual Misconduct or Honor Council cases)

  1. An accused student or a complainant may request an appeal by so notifying the Dean of Students within five business days of the notification of the decision. Requests for an appeal shall be in writing (email is fine) and shall be delivered to theĀ Dean of Students Office.
  2. The Dean of Students Office their designee shall determine whether the matter is appropriate for appeal based on whether the information contained in the written request for appeal gives reason to believe that:
    1. The original adjudication meeting may not have been conducted in conformity with college guidelines; or
    2. The decision reached regarding the accused student may not have been based on substantial information, that is, the facts in the case may not have been sufficient to establish that a violation of the Code of Conduct occurred; or
    3. The sanction(s) imposed may not have been appropriate for the violation of the Code of Conduct which the student was found responsible; or
    4. New information may exist which is sufficient to alter the decision, and that information was not brought out in the original adjudication meeting because that information was not known to the person appealing at the time of the original hearing.

    General appeal process for Administrative Hearings in the Residence Halls

    The appeal process is the same as above with the exception that appeals are submitted to and determined by the Associate Dean of Students for Residence Life.