Honor Council

The St. Olaf Honor Code and Pledge

“I pledge my honor that on this examination I have neither given nor received assistance not explicitly approved by the professor and that I have seen no dishonest work.”
☐ I have intentionally not signed the pledge.

The St. Olaf Honor System

The St. Olaf Honor System has been in place at St. Olaf College since 1911. We at St. Olaf are proud of the Honor System and the community standards upheld by our students. It is the joint responsibility of each student and faculty member to ensure the longevity and efficacy of this necessary system.

All tests, quizzes, and examinations of any kind are taken under the St. Olaf Honor System. Each student is responsible for adhering to all principles of the Honor System regardless of the individual circumstances associated with their assessment environment.

The Honor System is violated when information which results in, or could result in, an unfair advantage for one or more students is given or received before, during, or after an examination.