Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I don’t sign the pledge/check the box?

Your professor will hand-deliver your unsigned test to the Dean of Students office to be picked up by a member of the Council. The Council Member will contact you and ask you to tell them what you saw. They will then talk to your professor to understand the nature of the test and pick up other students’ exams as needed. A summons to a hearing will be sent to you via email asking you to meet with the Council and explain what you saw at the hearing. On average, your time commitment will be around 1 hour.

Who can implicate a student for an honor code violation?

While the implicating party is most often another student, professors and other members of the St. Olaf community can implicate a student for an honor code violation.

Are there any faculty or staff on the Honor Council?

No, but the Honor Council does have a non-voting faculty adviser. All investigations and decisions are conducted by the student members only.

What is a test etiquette violation?

If a student behaves suspiciously during an exam and a complaint is brought forward to the Council due to this disrupted testing environment, the council holds a hearing and may find a student responsible of this violation.

What do you wear to a hearing?

You are not required to dress up for a hearing. Just wear what you would wear on any other day.