Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I don’t sign the pledge, but do check the box?

Your professor will submit a Report Form to the Honor Council, who will log this information and reach out to the professor about further context and for your examination. A member of the Council will reach out to you and ask you to fill out a form detailing the reasoning behind not signing your examination. They will then talk to the professor to obtain a greater understanding of the nature of the test and to collect any further information on students you may have reported. A summons to a Hearing will be sent to you via email, during which you will meet confidentially with the Council and explain what you saw. On average, your time commitment will be around 1 hour.

What happens if I forgot to sign the pledge, but I meant to?

In this case, you would probably not have checked the box, so your professor will have a clue that you have simply forgotten.  Nevertheless, your professor will likely reach out to you discreetly to confirm your intent in not signing the pledge. At this point, you are free to notify the professor of your actual intention. However, your professor may opt to directly submit the exam to the Honor Council, at which time you can notify us in the form (mentioned above) that we send to you.

Who is able to implicate a student for an Honor Code violation?

While implicating parties are most often other students, course professors and other members of the St. Olaf community can implicate students as well.

Are there any faculty or staff on the Honor Council?

No, but the Honor Council does have a non-voting Faculty Advisor, who is able to sit-in on discussions and provide their opinion. However, they are not allowed to vote, and all investigations and decisions are conducted by the student members only.

What is a Code of Test Etiquette Violation?

A Code of Test Etiquette Violation is assessed when the Council determines that a student behaved suspiciously or in a distracting manner in such a way that the testing environment was disrupted. This outcome is often associated with a general warning and reminder of the policies pertaining to academic integrity here at St. Olaf.

What should I wear to a Hearing?

You are not required to dress up for a hearing; wear what you would on any other day.