Article III: Conduct Authority

The student conduct coordinator oversees proceedings involving student conduct. The student conduct coordinator:

  1. Shall determine which conduct coordinator will adjudicate each case.
  2. Shall determine the Code of Conduct charges to be filed pursuant to this code.
  3. Shall impose sanctions upon students found responsible for violating the Code of Student Conduct.
  4. Shall develop policies for the administration of the conduct process, procedural guidelines for the conduct of adjudications, and guidelines for determining appropriate sanctions.
  5. May consider alternative forms of conflict resolution, such as mediation. A conduct coordinator, an individual trained in mediation techniques, or any other individual agreed upon by the affected student and the college may be designated as mediator/arbiter of disputes within the student community. Mediation/arbitration shall be conducted only when deemed appropriate by the student conduct coordinator, and when the party or parties so agree.

Article IV: General Student Regulations