Policy Statement on AIDS

It is the policy of St. Olaf College not to discriminate against any employee or student on the basis of a disability or illness (1990 ADA). Individuals infected with HIV will be treated in the same manner as employees or students who have comparable health concerns, that is, with due regard for the health and safety of both the infected individuals and other employees and students. If accommodation is required by any student, faculty or staff member with AIDS or HIV infection for college activities, programs or facilities, the need will be addressed on an individual basis by appropriate administrative officers (dean of students, dean of the college or the work supervisor), in consultation with the college physician. In all cases, the infected person’s interest in privacy and confidentiality will be respected, and the college will treat him or her with the care and compassion all of God’s children should receive.

The college continues to expand its health education program and urges all members of the community to become and remain fully informed about HIV/AIDS.