Dittmann Center is a beautiful facility for the Art and Art History and Dance Departments, located in the center of campus.

Take a virtual tour of Dittmann Center, home of Art, Art History and Dance. (Opens in new window)

Dittmann Center
In 2001, the old student center was completely renovated to create a beautiful new space for Art, Art History and Dance.

Flaten Art Museum
One of two main galleries in the Dittmann Center

Lecture Room
A large, airy tiered lecture room. It is a wonderful space for art history lectures.

Seminar Room
A classroom with a view of campus and space for smaller classes and discussion groups.

The John Maakestad Painting Studio
Dittmann has north-lit studios for painting, drawing and printmaking

The Dorothy Divers Drawing Studio

The Jan Shoger Printmaking Studio
Facilties for silkscreen, relief intaglio, and lithography

Ceramic Studio
Equipped with 9 electric kilns, 2 high fire gas kilns and 1 salt kiln

The Visual Resource Center
A large slide and digital library of historic and contemporary art, staffed by a visual resources curator

The Mac Gimse Foundry
Bronze casting and metal fabrication facilities

Wood Sculpture Studio

Tool Checkout Room

Design Studio

Photography Studio

Photography Enlargers

Photography Darkroom

Lockers are available for the students

The Wagner Bundgaard Dance Studio
Dittmann is the home to the Dance Department as well as Art and Art History. It houses three dance studios with sprung wood and marley floor surfaces.

The Arch Leean Digital Studio
Two computer labs equipped with Macintosh computers, scanner, printers