Guest Artists

Arnold Flaten Memorial Artist Series

Many distinguished artists and art historians have come to campus to share their experiences and expertise with our students. We are grateful to the Arnold Flaten Endowment Fund for its financial support of our visiting artist program. Below is a list of the many guests who have taken part in the Arnold Flaten Memorial Artist Series over the years.

See also a list of Jurors from the St. Olaf Student Juried Exhibitions


February 6 – D’Angelo Christian, Photographer
February 13 – Matthew Villar Miranda, Visual arts curator
February 20 – Angela Two Stars, Public Artist & Curator
February 27 – Sophie Eisner, Sculpture Artist
March 6 – Christina Osheim, Ceramicist
March 13 – Andy Sturdevant, Writer, Artist, Designer
March 20 – Leslie Barlow, Painter






Poster for 2018 Flaten Memorial Lecture Series.


Poster for 2017 Arnold Flaten Memorial Lecture Series.


Poster for 2016 Arnold Flaten Memorial Lecture Series.


 Poster for 2015 Arnold Flaten Memorial Lecture Series.


Poster for 2014 Arnold Flaten Memorial Lecture Series.


 Poster for 2013 Arnold Flaten Memorial Lecture Series.


Poster for 2012 Arnold Flaten Memorial Lecture Series.


Poster for 2011 Arnold Flaten Memorial Lecture Series.


Phil Ahnen, Ceramics, Museum Installation
Jennifer Marshall, Art History
Rachel Perlmeter, Crossmedia
Ann Pibal, Painter
David Rathman, Prints, Drawing
Keith Taylor, Photography
Michon Weeks, Painting

Poster for 2011 Arnold Flaten Memorial Lecture Series.


Christine Baeumler, Environmental and Community Based Artist
Harriet Bart, Conceptual Artist, Objects, Installations and Books
Jan Estep, Mixed Media artist and writer
Elizabeth Pastan, Medieval Art History
David Salmela, Architect
Gaylord Schanilec, Wood engraver and fine printer
Madeline Stillwell, Performance Artist

 Poster for 2009 Arnold Flaten Memorial Lecture Series.


Allen Brewer, Illustration and Fine Art
Doug Casebeer, Ceramics
Lewis Colburn, Performance/Installation
Alexa Horochowski, Sculpture
Paulette Myers-Rich, Artist Books and Photo Bookworks
Tom Schroeder, Animation

Poster for 2008 Arnold Flaten Memorial Lecture Series.


Jil Evans, Painting
Mary Edna Fraser, Batik Artist
Mike Kareken, Painting
Paula McCartney, Photography
Orrin Pilkey, Author
Todd Shanafeldt, Ceramics
Mark Tribe, New Media

Poster for 2007 Arnold Flaten Memorial Lecture Series.


Long-Bin Chen, Sculpture
Paul Dresang, Ceramics
Chip Schilling, Time-Based Media
Angela Strassheim, Photography
Diane Willow, New Media
Sandy Winters, Installation

  (no image available)


Kelly Connole, Ceramics
Josh Garber, Sculpture
Clarence Morgan, Painting
Liz Quisgard, Mixed Media
Piotr Szyhalski, Digital Media
Kaori Takami, Performance/Installation

  (no image available)


Carol Lee Chase, Drawing
L. Teresa Church, Quilts and Fibers
Jin Lee, Photography
David Mann, Painting
Carla McGrath, Printmaking
Cole Rogers, Printmaking
Jim Tanner, Ceramics

Poster for 2004 Arnold Flaten Memorial Lecture Series.


David  Dahlquist, Ceramics
Seitu Jones, Visual Artist
Kris Lowe, Drawing
Tim Peterson, Curator, Franklin Art Works
Mollie Rabiner, Sculpture
Paul Shambroom, Photography


Guy Chase, Painting
Jerald Krepps, Printmaking
Monica Rudquist, Ceramics
Andrea Shaker, Photography
Kristin Solid, Animation
Anne Sugnet, Sculpture


John Christakos, Design
Bernice Ficek Swenson, Printmaking
Patrick Kelley, Photography
Dave Ryan, Video
Ward Sutton, Drawing
Amy Toscani, Sculpture


Macyn Bolt, Painting
Barbara Nei, Photography
Thomas Oliphant, Design
Jody Williams, Book Art
David Woolf, Conceptual Art


Sam Chung, Ceramics
Ed Epping, Artist
Mac Gimse, Sculpture
Shawna Kaplow, Painting
Robert Silberman, Art Historian and Critic


Donald Celender, Conceptual Art
David Lefkowitz, Painting
W.J.T. Mitchell, Picture Theory
Jenny Nellis, Sculpture
Katherine Turczan, Photography


Ann George, Printmaking
Ruthann Godollei, Audiovisual Art
David Goldes, Photography
David Madzo, Painting
Wayne Potratz, Sculpture
Gerald Smith, Mixed Media


Elizabeth Erickson, Printmaking
David Familian, Photography
Shawna Kaplow, Painting
Robert Lawrence, Sculpture
Barbara Leaskon, Painting
Sherry Leedy, Painting
Carmen Metty, Painting
Clarence Morgan, Painting
Robert Perkins, Painting
David Rich, Painting
Laura Stone, Drawing
Judy Stone Nunnely, Printmaking
Karen Wirth, Sculpture


Gregory Amenoff, Painting
Thomas Barry, Gallery Owner
Joe Duffy, Design
Billy Mayer, Sculpture
Laura Migliorino, Mixed Media
Judy Onofrio, Mixed Media
Laura Stone, Drawing


Laurie Beth Clark, Video
Jil Evans, Painting
Christie Hawkins, Sculpture
James Henkel, Photography
Mike Lynch, Drawing
Sandy Spieler, Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater


Paulette Alden, MN Center for Book Arts
Charles Alexander, MN Center for Book Arts
Richard Brewer, Sculpture
Lynne Brown, Photography
John Maakestad, Painting
Mark Pharis, Ceramics
MaryJo Polley, MN Center for Book Arts
Maarja Roth, MN Center for Book Arts


Dorit Cypis, Mixed Media
Fred Hagstrom, Printmaking
Catherine Koemtgen, Photography
Michael Mercil, Sculpture
Jerry Rudquist, Painting
Amy Sabrina, Ceramics
Katherine Smith, Art History


Victoria Christen, Ceramics
Lynn Geesaman, Photography
Christie Hawkins, Sculpture
Stu Mead, Painting
Judy Onofrio, Mixed Media
Larry Thomas, Printmaking


Pat Benning, Painting
Paul Dresang, Ceramics
Carole Fisher, Mixed Media
Linda Gammell, Photography
Seitu Jones, Mixed Media
Dan Mason, Painting
Nancy Randall, Drawing


Lee Bjorklund, Painting
Curtis Hoard, Ceramics
Constance Lowe, Mixed Media
Jeanine Mellinger, Video
Lorie Novak, Photography
Stan Shetka, Sculpture
Shelley Thorstensen, Printmaking


Lynn Gray, Drawing
Mary Griep, Painting
Billy Mayer, Sculpture
Jeff Millikan, Photography
Judy Onofrio, Sculpture
Stanton Sears, Sculpture
Jon Swenson, Printmaking
Jim Tanner, Ceramics


Paula Buchanan, Painting
Mario Fernandez, Wild-life Artist
Lynn Kasma, Artist Rep.
Suzanne Kohn, Gallery Owner
Dan Rounds, Animation
Melanie Schey, Gallery Worker
Terry Schupbach, Printmaking
JoAnn Verburg, Photography


Anne DeCoster, Painting
Cliff Garten, Ceramics
Frank Gohlke, Photography
Leo Lasansky, Printmaking
Joyce Lyon, Drawing
Mason Riddle, Art Criticism
Steve Sorman, Painting


Jim Bohnhoff, Graphic Design
Debbie Brown, Painting
Steve Carpenter, Painting
Ron Gallas, Ceramics
Suzanne Kohn, Gallery Owner
John Schott, Filmmaking
Sharon Sudman, Graphic Design
Bonnie Sussman, Gallery Owner
Nancy Young, Design


Wendell Arneson, Painting
Debbie Brown, Painting
Paul Granlund, Sculpture
Ray Jacobsen, Sculpture
Fred Somers, Painting
Judy Swanson, Graphic Design
Dean Warnholtz, Painting