How to Apply

How to Apply for an Art Scholarship

Please read the following instructions before beginning the online application.

  • When you begin the online art application, please use the same email address which you used/will use for the Common Application. This email address will link the two applications.
  • You may save/exit as many times as you wish before submitting your scholarship application, but once you click ‘submit’ you may not make any changes to the application.
  • Please do not create an application for viewing only.
The Art Scholarship Application consists of the following:

1.  Your written response to these questions:

  • What are the names of art courses taken at high school, colleges or universities, community art centers, museums, or from private instructors?
  • Why are you interested in the studio art and/or art history program at St. Olaf College?
  • What would you consider as your areas of strength in art and/or art history?
  • Have you had a significant mentor in art? If so, briefly describe that experience.
  • List any art exhibitions you have been a part of, and please indicate if they were competitions you entered.
  • List honors and awards you have received.
  • Is there a significant art event or exhibition that you have attended that made a lasting impression on you?
  • To what other schools do you intend to apply? (optional)
  • Briefly summarize any other information that you feel would strengthen your application.

2.  The submission of 10 digital images of your work.

3.  In addition to the art scholarship application, the St. Olaf College application for admission is due January 15

  Application opens September 2 

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