2006-2007 Associates Archive

The 2006-2007 CILA Associates Chuck Huff – Psychology

Chuck’s project focuses on his course entitled “Ethical Issues in Software Design.” In particular he is interested in virtue ethics which have often been defined as “character traits embedded in a community.” In contrast, based upon the broader literatures in virtue ethics and moral psychology, Chuck sees moral habits as “well-practiced skills that are learnable by practice and teaching.” Building on his study of moral exemplars in computing, he is interested in the ways in which one can teach computer ethics. To look at both his project and the broader ethics literature, he invites a learning community drawn primarily from teachers of EIN courses. Chuck will serve as the CILA Associate for Teaching and Technology.

Learning Community

Kathryn Ananda-Owens
Mary Carlsen
Rick Goedde
Siau Muir
Diana Neal
Anne Walter

Mary Titus – English

Mary proposes a new interdisciplinary seminar for CIS (Center for Integrative Studies) majors. To develop this course, Mary will review the literature on interdisciplinarity which she describes as a “startling combination of windy jargon and pedagogical wisdom.” For her learning community, she invites colleagues from a range of disciplines to “read articles on interdisciplinary teaching and scholarship” and “develop interdisciplinary aspirations and practices.”

Learning Community

Wendy Allen
Bob Entenmann
DeAne Lagerquist
Kris MacPherson
Mary Walczak