New Faculty Learning Community

2022-23 Schedule – Fall events in RNS 356 A/B – Spring events in TOH 310 unless otherwise indicated

If any of the acronyms below are unfamiliar to you, please consult the St. Olaf Dictionary of Acronyms (SODA).

Sept 20 – Prepping for Class; Time Management

Oct 4 – St. Olaf Faculty Culture

Oct 19 – Leveraging St. Olaf Experiences on the Job Market (Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Only)

Nov 8 – Establishing a Research Agenda

Nov 15 – Accessibility; Grading; Student Feedback (You choose!)

Feb 14 – Preparing for Tenure: Q&A with T&P Committee

Feb 28 – Improving Teaching and Preparing for Reviews through Peer Observation

March 7 – Developing/Deepening Research Agendas, Preparing for the Tenure Process, and Weighing ServiceĀ 

Opportunities (Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Only)

Mar 15 – Service at St. Olaf: How to Say No (and When to Say Yes)

April 18 – Combining Research and Teaching; Funding Opportunities (with representatives from ACE, CURI, and GFCR)

Apr 25 – Developing Reflective Practices; Strategic Planning

May 10 – Year-end celebration?