Destination St. Olaf: Class of 2018

You’re almost here. Just a few more steps and pretty soon you’ll find yourself on campus with your new classmates in the midst of Week One.

This site includes reminders and forms we need before you arrive, and all the information you need for successful matriculation to St. Olaf College.

Contact or Associate Dean of Students Tim Schroer (507-786-3615) if you can’t find what you need.

Making Your Enrollment Deposit

Usernames and passwords can be confusing at this time of year, as some processes still run through admissions, such as making enrollment deposits.  To make the June 1st enrollment deposit, please log in to the Admissions portal and use the username and password for that site. This is NOT the email address you use for Destination St. Olaf activity.

Your roommate and housing assignments are now electronically available

The time has come! Your roommate and housing assignments are now available on your St. Olaf account. Log in with your St. Olaf username and password here: and click on “Housing Information” on the left-hand menu column. Enjoy connecting with everyone before Move In Day.

Drop-Off, Drop-By

Move in Day officially begins Saturday, August 30. If you’re arriving in Northfield a day early, you are invited to get a head start by DROPPING OFF some of your college stuff on Friday afternoon from 2:00–4:00 p.m. Residence hall staff and junior counselors will help you find your room and more your stuff, but it’s drop-off only — no unpacking until Saturday morning.  Click here to register for Drop Off Drop By.

International Students should plan to arrive on Tuesday, August 26, for the mandatory International Student Orientation prior to Week One. Visit International Student Life for more information.

Your To-Do List

  1. Activate your St. Olaf email account.  Once St. Olaf email is activated, check it daily for important information.  Use your St. Olaf email when emailing St. Olaf.
  2. Complete the Online Placement Process between June 1–August 1 (if you will be out of contact during the summer contact Cheryl LaCroix by June 15)
  3. Complete the following required online forms (select the links below to log in to the password-secured admitted student site and access the forms):

Roommate preference form due June 15
Academic advising questionnaire due July 1
Music interest and information questionnaire due July 1 (music lessons and ensemble auditions information)
Student health insurance form due July 15
Online Placement Process due August 1
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment due August 15

Also check out the timeline of what you need to accomplish before you arrive on campus.