Financial Aid Online

Make sure you have Activated Your St. Olaf Account before attempting to log into Financial Aid Online for the first time.

We know that financial aid is an important part of a college decision. Financial aid packages will be sent via U.S. mail, along with explanatory materials.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the offer of financial aid. You will find a detailed listing of the financial aid the College has offered you. When your award is available, you will be able to view and accept/decline the award from St. Olaf through Financial Aid Online

Book an appointment with a Financial Aid Counselor

When logging in to Financial Aid Online, it will ask for your St. Olaf email. This will be the username you received during the Activation process + The next screen will ask for your St. Olaf password. So, if your St. Olaf username is sample1 — you would log in with the email address of ‘’.
If you decide to enroll and deposit at St. Olaf, Financial Aid Online also will keep you informed of any additional documents the college may need from you.