Student Government and Student Congregation


Welcome, Class of 2017 Oles!

Um Ya Ya! No one really knows what this old Norwegian saying means, but over the next four years, you will hear it at sporting events, student org meetings and in everyday conversation.  This cheer is only one of the many quirks you will come to know and love about life on the Hill.

You are getting ready to meet your roommate for the first time, sign up for classes, clubs and activities as well as begin to navigate your way around campus. As you begin the packing process, it all may seem far-off and overwhelming, but don’t worry; we’ve been there too. Before you know it, you will be eating in the caf, studying in the Cage and thinking of St. Olaf as home. We think you’re going to love it here!

Oles love to get involved so there are always things going on around campus. With their wide array of interests and experiences, St. Olaf students make every day on campus an unique and vibrant experience. The Student Government Association (known around campus as SGA) sponsors a wide variety of activities both on and off the Hill throughout the year. You will find yourself presented with options of comedians, game shows, dinner debates, volunteer and awareness events, dances, karaoke, concerts, open-mic nights, political speakers, movies or even late night light saber battles. SGA oversees over 200 clubs, all of which are run by fellow students. So, if your are interested in anything from debate, meditating, fitness, politics, knitting, Taiko drumming or even Quidditch, you will find your place here.

We cannot wait to see all of you on the Hill and to help you find your niche. To get started, visit our great student-run website,, to learn more about SGA and all that it has to offer. To explore all of the student organizations, click on the “Search All Orgs” button at the top of the page. Finally, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you have about starting your first year on the Hill.

See you on move in day!

John Schwirtz SGA President Wendy Raymond  SGA Vice President


St. Olaf College Student Congregation

The St. Olaf Student Congregation welcomes you to St. Olaf and invites you to join us in:

  • Worship

Daily Chapel

Monday, Wednesday, Friday—10:10 a.m.

Tuesday—11:10 a.m.

Thursday—11 a.m.
Midweek Evening Prayer

1st & 3rd Wednesdays—10 p.m.
Sunday Mornings—10:30 a.m.

  • Peace & Justice Activities
  • Bible Studies, Confirmation  Classes
  • Discussion on Current Issues
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Fellowship



The college pastors are available to you for all kinds of resources whether or not you worship with the congregation. Call the Pastors’ Office at 507-786-3092 or e-mail Lisa Brown (administrative assistant) at

 “In recognition that God is working at St. Olaf College, a community of varied religious and social backgrounds in which students are challenged by questions and faced with decisions, the St. Olaf College Student Congregation seeks to become an intentional and self-conscious expression of God’s gathered people, providing opportunity for the ministry of word and sacraments, extending a call for responsible membership in the community of faith as well as in the community of learning, and showing a genuine and active concern for the work of the Church both on and off the campus. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

—Preamble to the Constitution of the St. Olaf College Student Congregation

Though committed to basic Lutheran teachings and liturgical forms, the congregation seeks to carry on an ecumenical ministry. The Student Congregation constitution states that, “All members who participate in the life of the Student Congregation are considered members.” Therefore, while it is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, it is not for Lutherans only, and all members of the St. Olaf community are actively encouraged to participate.

In the spring of 1952, St. Olaf students voted to become a congregation. In the spring of 1989, the congregation voted to become a Reconciled in Christ congregation by accepting an “affirmation of welcome” which publicly welcomes and affirms gay and lesbian people as children of God and participating members of our congregation. You can find more information about Reconciled in Christ congregations at the chapel office. 

Student Congregation Council

The Student Congregation Council is made up of the following officers: President, Secretary, Treasurer, VP of Stewardship, VP of Life & Growth, VP of Worship, VP of Extra-Campus Activities, CAN (Christian Activities Network) Representative, and two representatives each (one male and one female) for the Senior, Junior, Sophomore and First Year classes.

Check out our web site at to see who’s on the Student Congregation Council for 2013-14. First Year Reps for 2013-14 will be selected in the fall of 2013, so, if you’re interested, be sure to fill out the application that will appear in the first Sunday bulletin.

For more information on the history and current activity of the St. Olaf student congregation, please visit our website at: