Welcome Care Package

“Mom, thanks for the Care Package, you’re the best!”

—E. Johnson, Class of 2012


Dear Parent(s),

Response to last year’s Care Package program was terrific.  In fact, over 50% of responding parents selected the Comfort Plan as the proven best way to start the school year.

This year, your student can receive packages loaded with tasty treats and useful tools at the most important times during the fall semester.  Each package will include your personal handwritten note, so you can send your love and encouragement.

And for year-long savings, your student will receive the St. Olaf College Student Advantage Card.  It saves students money on travel, textbooks, software and clothing with merchants like Amtrak®, Barnes&Noble.com, Greyhound®, Foot Locker, Dell and Target.com.  With Student Advantage discounts of up to 50% at more than 15,000 locations, this is a must have for any college student.

Ordering is a snap.  You will receive a letter describing the program and an order form mailed directly to your home this summer. Just complete the form and send to the address provided.

We’re aiming for 100% parent participation!

The success of this program helps us to support all of our student activities.  When you receive the form in the mail this summer, all you’ve got to do is select one of the Care Packages listed below that you want to send to your student.  Our goal is to get each and every parent to participate.

The “St. Olaf College Comfort Plan” is the favorite with our students. Your biggest and best option features all three Care Packages listed below, each timed perfectly. Plus, the Student Advantage Card for terrific student savings. By ordering everything at once, you save time and money – $7.00 off individual prices!

The Welcome Package arrives just after school begins.  The Welcome Package comes loaded with frequently forgotten essentials and energy boosting snacks, everything from a Sports Bottle and First Aid Kit to Microwave Popcorn and Nabisco Chips Ahoy Cookies.

The Valentine Surprise will boost your student with a traditional heart-shaped box of chocolates, Hershey’s Kisses and Hugs, an inflatable “I Love You” heart, a fun box of those tiny Conversation Hearts and lots more.  It’s a fun reminder of your love.

The Move-In Mug serves a generous mixture of coffees, teas, cocoa and cold drinks designed to keep students alert during long nights with the books.  With its thermal mug and lid, it’s a tasty companion to the Welcome Package.

Choose as many as you like, but please choose at least one.   We’re really hoping for 100% parent participation.

Thank You!


Elisabeth (Izzy) Brandstetter

Welcome Program Coordinator

Alpha Phi Omega