St. Olaf Honor Council

The Honor Council is a student populated and run branch of the college judiciary. Representatives elected by the student body are responsible for investigating all possible violations of the St. Olaf honor code.

Honor Council Members:

Brianne Power ‘15

Honor Council President
Math major

Brianne is currently serving her second year on the Honor Council. She says that “one of the things I love most about the community at St. Olaf is that we trust one another. The Honor Code and the Honor Council play an indispensable role in this community by extending this trust into our classrooms”


Megan O’Connor ‘15

Honor Council Secretary (Spring Semester)

Biology and Biomolecular Science Concentration

Megan is a second year member of the Honor Council. She says that she is “proud to be a member of the special St. Olaf community in which we value and trust one another. Here at St. Olaf College, we are privileged to holding ourselves to a higher standard and uphold the values, integrity and ethics of St. Olaf College. This opportunity to serve on the Honor Council is a way of giving back to the college; the honor system is successful because students are willing to dedicate their time and energy to make it a successful system.”


Signe Braafladt ‘16

Honor Council Vice-President

Chemistry and Sociology/Anthropology Majors

Signe is a first-year member of the council. She says that she is “excited to be a part of what makes St Olaf such a welcoming community. Integrity and trust are evident is so many aspects of our daily life; extending this trust into classrooms and giving responsibility to students creates an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable to live and learn.”


Emily Baker ’15
English Major, Management Studies Concentration

This is Emily’s first year on the Honor Council. She says that she is “proud to be an elected member of this group because I feel that the Honor Code and the Honor Council play a vital role in creating the wonderful learning environment that pervades this campus. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to serve my peers and directly contribute to the academic culture that is so highly valued on the Hill.”


Hamsitha Dontamsetty ’16

Honor Council Secretary (Fall Semester)
Psychology Major with Neuroscience Concentration

This is Hamsitha’s first year serving on the Honor Council. She says that “the time that I’ve already spent on the Honor Council has been very educational and memorable. I love that I can be a part of something that promotes and encourages academic honesty at St. Olaf. I think the role of the Honor Council is so essential to the St. Olaf environment because honesty and integrity are some of the characteristics that are integral to what it means to be an Ole, and I’m glad that the Honor Council works to uphold  these values.


Tanner Roe ‘15

Proxy for Megan O’Connor, Fall 2014

Studio Art

This is Tanner’s first time with the Honor Council. He is serving as a proxy for the fall semester. He is honored to be working in this role and looks forward to partaking in one of the processes that makes St. Olaf such a great and unique place.


Gao Thao, ‘15

Proxy for Emily Baker, Fall of 2014

Economics, Asian Studies, and Educational Studies

Serving as a proxy for the fall semester, Gao is looking forward to being a member of the St. Olaf’s Honor Council. She believes the Honor Code is a great responsibility and privilege that St. Olaf has entrusted their students with. This trust system allows the students to put their own education and future in their own hands. She is excited and proud to be serving her classmates.


Dan Frankenfeld ‘15

Music and Individual Major

Dan is a newly-elected member of the Honor Council.  He is excited for the opportunity and privilege to serve the student body and is looking forward to the challenges and responsibilities of helping to maintain a culture of academic integrity.  Dan believes the Honor Code is an essential part of St. Olaf, both as an educational institution and as a community.


Harrison Vandolah ‘16

Biology, Asian Studies (China Studies conc.)

Harrison is a newly elected member to the Honor Council. He is excited to be joining the Council this fall and is looking  forward to the challenges and responsibility that comes with being part of the Honor Council. He believes that the Honor Code is a very important aspect of the St. Olaf education and hopes to gain an even greater respect for it through helping uphold its values.


Huong Dao  (Jenny) ‘17

Political Science and Economics

Elected to the council in the middle of her freshman year, Jenny believes that the Honor Code not only makes St Olaf distinctive but also helps build trust among the student body. “The Honor Code enhances the responsibility and integrity of students for a better learning environment and also for their lifelong benefit”


Sam Viguerie ‘17

Music Performance – Cello

Sam is a first year member on the council. He believes that the Honor Council “reinforces a very basic life principle that all Oles should strive to live by—being a person of integrity”