A few frequently asked questions:

Are there charges or maintenance fees for the Ole Card?
The only cost is a $25 replacement fee when you need to replace a lost or damaged card.

How can I check the balance in my account?
Your card balance will be shown on the card-reader display and on a receipt after each transaction.

What can I do with unused account balances?
The Flex Dollar balance must be used during the semester when the meal plan is active, or the balance will be lost. The OLE Dollars account is closed following a student’s graduation or formal withdrawal from St. Olaf. Balances of $5 or greater are credited to the student’s tuition and fees account. Balances below $5 are forfeited to the college.

Will my Ole Card work as a credit or ATM card?
No. The card is similar to a check card that accesses debit accounts, but at specified locations only. Cash withdrawals are not possible.