OleCard Photo Guidelines and Submissions

Your photo will be used to identify you at classes, events, and for purchases. Generally you will be standing in front of a professor, student, cashier, or other staff member.

Please follow these instructions when selecting or taking an ID Photo:

  1. We require a recent photo of you in color (no black and white photos).
  2. No professional photographs. Copyrighted photos cannot be accepted.
  3. The photo must only include yourself. Photos with friends and/or pets will be rejected.
  4. Photos should be taken on a light, preferably white, smooth background. We recommend using a white towel, a sheet, or a large piece of paper as a backdrop.
  5. Bright, even lighting with a light background helps with the clarity of the photo.
  6. Photos must be a centered, frontal view of your full face. Photos taken in profile, with head tilts, or at odd angles will be rejected.
  7. Eyes must be open and visible. If you wear prescription glasses normally, please wear them in your photo. Please no hats, sunglasses, or other accessories, unless worn for religious reasons.
  8. No hand gestures are allowed in photos.
  9. Please wear clothing that is appropriate for an academic setting.
  10. Photo filters and/or edited photos are not allowed.
  11. Photos will be cropped from just above the top of the head to the collarbone.
  12. The photo should be thought of as suitable for use on a passport. For examples, please see Passport Photos.

Well-Composed Photos

Acceptable file format:
.jpg file format
Maximum photo dimensions:
600 pixels by 600 pixels
Maximum file size:
1 MB

Submitting Your Photo

Once you have a well-composed photo, you can submit it via StoFaces. Login there and follow the directions on the main page.