Parent Access

St. Olaf has a new and improved parent access option. In the past students were only able to grant access to their tuition bills. Students now have the option to grant access to their grades, current schedule, and degree audit in addition to the billing information.

Those people that the student authorizes will log in with their own user name and password. The user name will be the email address which the student has authorized access to. You will then be sent an email with a temporary password. You will need to log into using your email address and temporary password. Once you are logged in there is an option to change your password. We recommend you do this the very first time you log in. If you forget your password at any time there is an option to reset the password, which will send another temporary password at that time.

If you have more than one student currently enrolled at St. Olaf and if you have been authorized by both students to view their information, you will only need one log in to access both accounts. Once logged in to the new parent access you will see both students listed in a drop down menu on the top right corner of the page.

St. Olaf’s academic computing policy prohibits students from sharing their own St. Olaf password with anyone: . Furthermore, only the student can add or change authorizations to their education record (schedule, degree audit, grades, billing information) and must do so through the new parent access feature. We encourage you to have a conversation with your student about his/her preferences for sharing of his/her education record.

Parent Access

Granting Parent Access Instructions – Student instructions