Audition Information


Auditions for the Interim Production will be held on October 23rd & 24th from 4-8pm. Call backs will be on October 25th at 3:30pm. Tech interviews will be held on Thursday, October 30th at 11:20am in Kelsey Theater.

Audition for Cymbeline: Please prepare a monologue of 1-3 minutes. It can be Shakespeare or not. If Shakespeare it can be a soliloquy, a sonnet or a scene wearing different hats but it does not have to be Shakespeare. You will be asked to sing anything you want (Happy Birthday accepted) acapella. We will need some strong singers for the show but also those that just sing with the group. Also interested in any instruments you might play, dancing you might do, or moments of astonishment. Basically, a monologue and you will be asked to sing. If you are called back you will need to repeat your monologue.

General Audition Information

Audition tips!

Each production will have an audition time sign up sheet on the bulletin board located in the Green Room in the Theater building. Each director will have specific requirements for their auditions.

Fall Productions
Auditions are held during the first few days of the fall semester.

Interim Production
This production is a full credit interim course called Producing Theater.
Auditions and interviews for production positions are held in late October or early November. Students cast in acting roles and chosen for production positions will be registered for either TH-133 Producing Theater or TH-234 Producing Theater: Advanced.

Spring Productions
Auditions are usually held during the first few days of spring semester.

Quade One-Act Play Festival
This festival is produced the last week of spring semester and is the final project of the intermediate directing class. Auditions are held in March or April.