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You Never Can Tell by George Bernard Shaw is set in England 1950, the Clandon children, having recently arrived in England from an eighteen-year stay in America, are on a quest to find their father. One problem: they have no idea who he is or what he looks like. Meanwhile, Valentine, a local dentist, falls madly in love with Gloria, the eldest Clandon daughter. However, Gloria, who considers herself to be a unwavering feminist, claims to have no interest in love or marriage. Through a comedy of errors and confused identities, this vacillating rom-com is G.B. Shaw’s response to the farcical comedy genre… but with a witty and conscientious flair that only Shaw could do.

You Never Can Tell – This production is a one credit Interim class. Rehearsals will be during the month of January 2019. Performances will be during the first weekends of semester II. If you are interested in being involved in the building of the set or other technical aspects of the show please attend the Tech Meeting on Thursday, October 25 at noon in Kelsey Theater.

General Audition Information

Each production will have an audition time sign up sheet on the bulletin board located in the Green Room in the Theater building. Each director will have specific requirements for their auditions.

Fall Productions
Auditions are held during the first few days of the fall semester.

Interim Production
This production is a full credit interim course called Producing Theater.
Auditions and interviews for production positions are held in late October or early November. Students cast in acting roles and chosen for production positions will be registered for either TH-133 Producing Theater or TH-234 Producing Theater: Advanced.

Spring Productions
Auditions are usually held during the first few days of spring semester.

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