Disability and Access

Our staff is dedicated to the pursuit of equity for and inclusion of all students with disabilities at St. Olaf College by ensuring equal access to educational and campus opportunities.

  • DAC staff currently serve over 900 Oles with temporary or permanent physical, learning, sensory, health, or psychological disabilities.
  • Here you can partner with our Access Specialists to establish reasonable accommodations and other academic services such as regular or as-needed check-in meetings as well as referrals to other resources on campus.

About Us

Disability and Access (DAC) staff are committed to ensuring equal access to the St. Olaf College experience for all students. Through collaboration with the entire campus community, DAC promotes disability pride, self-determination of the student, and universally accessible design principles so that everyone has full access to the St. Olaf experience.

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Accommodations are changes or modifications that help to ensure that students with a disability which significantly impacts them in academics or campus life have an equal access to the same opportunties as their peers.

 New and Renewing Accommodations     Temporary Accommodations