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Applying for Accommodations

1. Complete Request Form:

Students who believe they have a current need for disability-related academic accommodations are encouraged to complete and submit a request form below.

Deadline for Fall 2023 Housing Accommodation applications for returning students: March 1, 2023. Applications will be considered after March 1 only for new diagnoses requiring accommodations.

2. Gather Documentation:

For details of what details are needed in your documentation, please visit our Documentation Criteria page.

3. Initial Meeting:

After we review your request form, an Access Specialist will reach out to you to set up an Initial Meeting. Together, you and your Access Specialist will discuss the barriers you are experiencing. If it is determined that reasonable accommodations can be made to offset those barriers, a comprehensive accommodation plan will be developed. An accommodation letter will be created to send to relevant faculty for the current term. Your Access Specialist will discuss any additional resources that may be helpful during your time at St. Olaf.

Renewing Accommodations

Each semester, you must log into myDAC to set up your accommodation letters.
If you haven’t done so already this academic year, you are required to meet with your Access Specialist to renew your accommodations. Annual reviews usually take place in the summer preceding the school year.

To request a meeting with your Access Specialist, please visit their page by going to the “Meet with Your Access Specialist” tab.

Please remember that Campus Life accommodations must be requested annually and typically do not automatically carry over.

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Temporary Accommodations

If you are injured, recovering from surgery, or pregnant, you may qualify for temporary accommodations under the ADA. An Access Specialist will be happy to meet with you to learn how the condition is affecting your academics or housing placement. Temporary accommodations may be appropriate. Temporary accommodations apply for that semester only, and cannot be made retroactively.

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Accommodations for Grad School Exams:

Some of your accommodations may also be granted by the testing boards. Each testing board will have its own set of documentation requirements and reasonable accommodations. Sometimes, the application process can be quite lengthy. Be sure to plan ahead to give yourself plenty of time. Speak to your Access Specialist if the examining board requires St. Olaf to fill out any portion of the accommodations application.

GMAT: Applying for Accommodations

GRE: Applying for Accommodations

LSAT: Applying for Accommodations

MCAT: Applying for Accommodations

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Study Abroad/Away Accommodations

If you plan to study abroad or to study away, meet with your Access Specialist to determine any accommodation needs specific to the new environment. There may be additional things to consider including refilling medications, and accessibility issues we sometimes take for granted living on our own campus. Please print and fill out the student portions of the Access Abroad Form. Together, you and your Access Specialist will fill out the remainder of the form prior to submitting it to Smith Center for Global Engagement.

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