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Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders

The SI Leader application for  Summer and Fall 2023 is now open! SI Leaders provide academic support for students in historically difficult courses throughout the semester. An SI Leader differs from a TA or tutor because the SI Leader attends lectures with their students, plans and executes weekly session plans (similar to “lesson planning”), and provides content support beyond homework help. 

Benefits of serving as an SI Leader:

  • Gain the ability to review and master introductory content 
  • Gain valuable teaching experience 
  • Gain strong leadership, presentation, and mentorship experience
  • Network with faculty, Academic Success Center staff, other student leaders, and peers

For more information, please get in touch with Nayeli Trujillo at

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Academic Tutors

The application for Academic Tutoring and Accountability Tutoring in fall 2023 is now open. Academic and accountability tutors are sophomores, juniors, and seniors who provide one on one support for students in a variety of different courses. Tutors must earn a B+ in the courses they tutor.

For more information or questions regarding this position, please contact Mary Doroff (

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