Resources for Students – Multilingual Support

Seven Steps to Success at College  (A one-page handout with advice for any student starting college)

St. Olaf Writing Desk  (A link to the campus writing center, a team of trained peer tutors who offer reader feedback and writing support to any St. Olaf student.)

Online Writing Labs — Purdue University and Excelsior College

St. Olaf Speaking Space  (A link to to the campus speaking center, a team of trained peer tutors who offer feedback and practice with presentation, discussion and conversation skills to any St. Olaf student.)

Conversation Partners  (Trained peer tutors who meet one-on-one with students looking for personalized support with verbal language skills and cultural adjustment. For more information, please make an appointment with Anne Berry.)

Current International Students (A link to a page designed by International students for international students with resources of all kinds)

International Student Employment (a link to a page with information about being employed on campus as an international student)

International Friendship Program  (Information about a cross-cultural exchange program that connects members of the local community with 1st- and 2nd-year international students)

Learning to Join the Conversation  (A Prezi that shows the steps we take when we join academic conversations — small and large, spoken and written)

What Is Your Conversational Style: Bowling, Rugby or Basketball?  (A five-minute interview with Roseanne Skirble that summarizes the sports metaphor for conversational style)

Career Resources for International Students  (A link to the Piper Center’s list of resources for international students)

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please let us know!